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I’m simply not afraid. It’s not in my dictionary of behaviour. (Werner Herzog)

Documentaries are a fundamental part of filmmaking and they are seeing great popularity lately. We, as a society are willing to ask questions that weren’t asked before to understand each other as best as possible. In a world where information travels almost instantly, we are faced with many questions regarding current socio-political instabilities, environmental and humanitarian issues, and many more. Documentaries are insightful windows into worlds we know little about or a needed reflection on ones we thought we knew inside out. At FilmChain, we are dedicated to doing our part in making sure films keep changing the world.

Official UK Trailer for COLLECTIVE 2020
  • Bianca Oana: The FilmChain platform takes a lot of burden off producers’ shoulders. It short-circuits the chain of emails that would be needed each time to transfer funds to all the parties involved. I also appreciated the support in setting up the recoupment plan, and the accessibility of the platform. Most of all, I appreciated the transparency of the whole setup, which was in line with the film's values.
  • Bianca Oana: If they don’t have access to a lawyer, then to carefully read all their financing contractual obligations, and when they don’t know something, ask! It’s much better to prevent than to mitigate.



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