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We have decided to waive our setup fee for select documentaries.


I’m simply not afraid. It’s not in my dictionary of behaviour. (Werner Herzog)

Despite the exponential interest in documentaries, access to funding and revenues has been challenging. Festivals put on hold, limited access to markets, funding calls postponed, and grants more scarce — all have been impacting some truly important stories. However, the community is vibrant with members supporting each other, offering advice, and exhibitors globally have acquired a lot of great titles.

This is why, FilmChain has decided to waive our setup fee for documentaries focusing on social, political justice, sustainability, and human rights.

The key factor in determining which documentaries will qualify for the offer was the urgency of topics approached. We champion films that deliver high-quality investigative journalism and achieve an outstanding cinematic vision. As much as we realise how important all documentaries are, we are focusing on critical topics which deeply resonate with us, and most importantly, the documentaries that need to be made at all costs. This is our financial investment into projects that change the world. If you think you have a doc that qualifies, check out our offer page and write to us at

Official UK Trailer for COLLECTIVE 2020

In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to reach out to one of the documentary’s producers Bianca Oana and offer an insight into our collaborative relationship with filmmakers.

While working with FilmChain on COLLECTIVE, what have been the key benefits of using a digital, automatic CAM?

  • Bianca Oana: The FilmChain platform takes a lot of burden off producers’ shoulders. It short-circuits the chain of emails that would be needed each time to transfer funds to all the parties involved. I also appreciated the support in setting up the recoupment plan, and the accessibility of the platform. Most of all, I appreciated the transparency of the whole setup, which was in line with the film's values.

What would you recommend a budding producer to bear in mind when creating their recoupment plans?

  • Bianca Oana: If they don’t have access to a lawyer, then to carefully read all their financing contractual obligations, and when they don’t know something, ask! It’s much better to prevent than to mitigate.

COLLECTIVE is now available to stream on digital platforms.

For more info on the documentary offer’s Terms & Conditions please reach out to us at

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