FilmChain’s API Integrations for Delivering Fast & Reliable Payments.

  1. Store multi-currency balances — Ability to create unlimited sub-accounts in multiple currencies (different IBAN for each project)
  2. Receive API reconciliation — Ability to pull via an API information on incoming transactions
  3. API integrations — Ability to automate the settlement of payment requests via an API that communicates with the FilmChain system
  • You want access to cheap and fast international payments
  • You require multi-currency accounts
  • You need to make large batches of payment requests funded by a single pay-in
  • You want to hold funds with traditional banks
  • You require continuous access to financial data from multiple accounts
  • You need up-to-date, clean and categorised financial data
  • Be patient. It took significant time to identify and reach out to new payments providers and banks. Most of the new-banks and fintech solutions had great support teams. Linkedin was also a great source for identifying the right role in the organisation.
  • Don’t assume they know your industry. The complexity of the film and TV industry and the specificity of our requirements were not always easily understood. It took several calls and emails to explain the set-up our clients demanded of us. We prepared in advance a technical spec document that we shared before the first meeting to shorten the time.
  • Explore quickly and move on. We used well-defined exploration sprints (1–2 days) that an appointed engineer and myself as a lead would do to understand if a solution was viable for our requirements or not. We asked the companies for technical documentation and sandbox access. If a solution was not viable, we explained the key challenges in an email and asked to be kept informed if new features/updates would be made in the future.



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FilmChain is a collection agent for indie films and royalties management solution for enterprises.