FilmChain integrates with JotForm to collect and manage rights management data

3 min readJan 17, 2022

Rights management in the film industry is becoming increasingly demanding and complex.

FilmChain offers a rights management tracker that allows participants (sales agents, producers, investors) to keep on top of distribution deals for each title. The so-called ‘Rights Tracker’ is a practical tool for collecting and visualising rights management data. Also, it’s integrated with FilmChain’s automatic collection system and can be used to generate real-time statements in different formats.

One of our priorities at FilmChain is to make it as easy as possible for sales agents to interact with our platform and keep the Rights Tracker up-to-date. Whilst this can be done quickly and easily through our app, we wanted to offer an alternative way for those users who don’t want to login to our platform on a regular basis so we started looking for a service that would allow us to build and share electronic forms.

When looking for an electronic form building service, we had some specific requirements that had to be met:

  • To create customised forms automatically through our platform
  • To be able to generate a link for each form that can be shared with clients
  • Our clients to be able to access and complete the form without any restrictions and without having to log in.
  • To have the submission data posted to our platform in real-time
  • Good API documentation and support

JotForm allows us to build web forms and collect rights management data automatically through their API.

We discovered JotForm, an electronic form building service, that offers many useful features for collecting and managing data:

  • Online form builder
  • Complete and flexible RESTful API
  • API libraries in 11 languages
  • A free starter plan to kickstart integrations
Source: JotForm (

By integrating with the JotForm API, we’ve made it quicker and easier than ever to keep the Rights Tracker up-to-date with recent distribution deals. From our admin panel, we are able to trigger the automatic build of customised forms for each of our titles, based on templates we’ve created through JotForm’s easy-to-use form builder. Once the forms have been built, JotForm provides us with several options for sharing, with our preference being a link-to-share that we can embed in client emails. All the recipients have to do is fill out these forms with information on any recent distributions deals and press ‘Submit’. Having set up a webhook with JotForm, all submissions are received by our platform in real-time allowing us to manage the responses instantly and trigger an automatic update of the Rights Tracker.

A highlight of the integration has been JotForm’s clear documentation and speedy support. JotForm’s API docs are simple, concise, and integrated with a text console for trying requests and sampling responses. For support requests, JotForm provides a support forum with public threads giving you the option to post your own question or search for similar ones. Also the average response time, which we found to be an impressive 4-hours, is posted and updated in their support forum.

We can’t recommend JotForm enough when looking to streamline your workflow by automating the collection of client information. Happy integrations!




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