Festival de Cannes 2024: A Remarkable Experience for FilmChain

3 min readMay 31, 2024


Cannes Film Festival 2024 has been a dynamic series of events, marking this year as our most successful to date.

Here’s a quick recap of team FilmChain’s remarkable experience at Marché du Film.

CONNECT — The Entertainment Tech Hub

Bringing together tech pioneers at the heart of the industry, CONNECT—The Entertainment Tech Hub was a smashing success! We hosted an oversubscribed cocktail reception in collaboration with Lipitt, Flying Secoya, BeHive by Hiventy, N2F, PentoPix, and MovieChainer. We also had the pleasure of attending some great pitching events at the Pavillion, where industry leaders presented their tech solutions to enthusiastic audiences.

Next-Generation CAM Presentation

We proudly presented our next-generation CAM to producers, sales agents, and financiers at our branded exhibition space in the Palais Riviera. We are thrilled about the films we signed at this year’s market, and our partners saw the benefits of our innovation in making real-time payments and disbursing gross receipts as soon as they’re collected. We are passionate about accelerating cash flow, providing instant reports and analytics, and ensuring a smooth process for all the beneficiaries.

Mentoring at the Young Nordic Producers Club

Mentoring the new generation of the finest Nordic producers at the Young Nordic Producers Club was a highlight of our time at Cannes. It was inspiring to see the passion and creativity of these young producers, and we are honoured to have played a role in their professional development.

Sponsoring the Producers Without Borders Gala

We sponsored a memorable black-tie Gala event hosted by Producers Without Borders. The evening was filled with elegance and networking, creating lasting memories for everyone in attendance. The three events produced by PWB this year in Cannes were meaningful, cultivating serendipity by bringing together diverse professionals from entertainment, tech, finance, law, and more and enabling new projects to take shape.

Attending World Premieres

Attending world premieres at the Festival de Cannes allowed us to witness cinematic magic first-hand. All of us at FilmChain are driven by a true love for cinema, for courageous debuts and auteur masterpieces. Congratulations to this year’s Camera d’or winner “Armand”, directed by Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel, produced by Eye Eye Pictures and sold by Charades, whom we are proud to support as a CAM. Congrats to all the nominees and winners, we saw stories and cinematic experiences that inspired us.

Growing Every Year

We are proud to continue growing yearly with our activities at the Cannes Film Festival. The connections we made, the projects we supported, and the events we participated in contribute to our ongoing success. We look forward to continuing this momentum and achieving even greater heights.

Until the next fantastic market, you can find us at FilmChain.




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