Ending the year on a high!

2 min readDec 20, 2023

As we begin to wrap up an exciting 2023, we take this opportunity to not only reflect on the year we had but also share some of our excitement for the upcoming one.

Proud to have a third product join the FilmChain portfolio with the Reporting Software for Producers launch. The platform, meant to support production companies to disseminate data under the European Copyright Directive, offers clear reporting on revenue and viewership to creators. Read about our partnership with Produzentenverband.

This year saw us bring our CAM service into the exciting and busy space of Video Games productions. FilmChain now offers our signature fast payments, transparency and automation to all players. We wrote a blog post about it!

2023 was a great year for cinema releases after the Audiovisual Observatory recorded 12,000 films released in Europe in 2022.

FilmChain cheers for the success of films of all sizes and budgets because we believe that a good story will always find its audience. Nonetheless, we are particularly excited, and we seriously think you should keep an eye out for releases with Daniel Bruhl (as early as January!) John Malkovich, Asia Argento, Jason Isaacs, and Eddie Izzard, to name a few!

We’re preparing something for EFM Berlinale, but more about that in January’s newsletter.

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