Cannes 2020 Wrap-Up: The Online Marché, une bouffée d’air frais

  • The incredible showcases from cutting edge innovators and startups at Media Meets Tech. (Hot tip: you can view the full session on Vimeo!)
  • John Sloss from Cinetic Media’s brilliant market keynote with Rosa Bosch — which not only explored the most burning issues facing the industry today but also dug into the most up-to-date solutions. (We loved this!)
  • The beautiful sunset drenched Nordic Party hosted by the Göteborg Film Festival. Streamed live from a glowing rooftop and featuring a DJ marathon with tracks selected by friends of the festival from all over the globe — we loved watching friends and colleagues connect via chat we all danced in our living rooms.
  • And finally— perhaps our favourite surprise from the online format — were the Flash meetings. Going into the week, we weren’t exactly sure what Flash Meetings were or how they would work — but it turns out that they’re the most fun you can have on a video chat in thirty minutes. In classic ‘Chat-Roulette’ style, for half an hour each day, you’d be thrown into 6 x 5-minute meetings with people you’ve never met before and may not have met otherwise. We connected with filmmakers, producers and festival programmers from Mexico, Uruguay, Australia, the US and all over Europe — our adrenaline was racing as new faces beamed into our homes and it was so much fun.



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