We have decided to waive our setup fee for select documentaries.


I’m simply not afraid. It’s not in my dictionary of behaviour. (Werner Herzog)

Documentaries are a fundamental part of filmmaking and they are seeing great popularity lately. We, as a society are willing to ask questions that weren’t asked…

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Hearst has joined our journey as an investor and mentor through HearstLab.

We’re honoured to share this Press Release!

Eve Burton, HearstLab Chairwoman said “We are thrilled to invest in FilmChain, partnering with them to expand their business in the U.K. and U.S. They bring transparency to a traditionally opaque process, ensuring monies are paid and putting real-time performance tracking at the fingertips of key project stakeholders. We were impressed with their traction and ability to provide increased value to their media clients. We continue to advance our mission of helping women-led businesses grow and are excited to further expand HearstLab”.

We’re beyond excited about this new step of our growth and would love to thank all our team members, advisors, mentors, investors and friends whom every day believe in our mission.


  • Use the time to take stock of the new ways you can streamline your processes
  • Test out new tools and platforms! Invest resources in educating yourself on how to improve your next films and processes.
  • Check old distribution deals, sales contracts — if licenses expired, look for new avenues…


FilmChain is a collection agent for indie films and royalties management solution for enterprises.

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